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We specialize in helping individuals and couples make a seamless transition into retirement, providing peace of mind that they will not outlive their savings.

We also focus on working with special risk employees of the Florida Retirement System.

And with our founder’s personal experience as the father of a child with special needs, we have made it our mission to help families in a similar situation.

Our Process

We have developed a highly consultative process to discover where you are in life and where you want to go. We then build the investment and advanced financial plans to get you there.

Rest assured that our work does not stop with the creation of your plans. We stay in regular contact with you through meetings, phone calls, and emails to make sure we adjust your strategies as your life changes.


Very soon you will be living off the savings or pension you worked hard to amass during your working years, and you need to know whether you have enough money to last the rest of your life.

We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management that helps make sure you are on track for a successful retirement. We learn your needs, goals, and dreams for retirement, then build a personalized plan to help you attain them. And we draw on smart tax strategies so you can keep more of your money to enjoy your life in retirement.

We will partner with you to:

  • Determine your income needs to support your desired lifestyle
  • Rebalance your portfolio as needed to support the next phase of your life
  • Decide when to apply for Social Security
  • Select the Medicaid options that meet your health care needs
  • Create an estate plan that minimizes taxes and leaves the legacy to family and charity that you envision

By addressing everything from Social Security to your bucket list, we help you retire with confidence that your money will support the retirement that you have been looking forward to.

Florida Retirement System Special Risk Employees

As a special risk employee with the Florida Retirement System, you face complex benefit decisions that will affect your entire retirement.

You need a financial advisor who has in-depth knowledge of the FRS to properly advise you. At Northstar Financial Planners, we know firsthand how the FRS works. Our team has both personal and professional expertise in navigating its intricacies and will help you avoid potential pitfalls.

We will work one-on-one with you to discuss, in plain English, the many benefit options that you face and help you determine which ones will work best for your situation.

We will partner with you to:

  • Determine whether the pension or investment plan will work better for your retirement goals
  • Choose the best pension option for your situation
  • Decide whether you can afford to retire early
  • Select the appropriate funds for your investment plan in light of your needs and goals
  • Decide whether the 457 plan can benefit you

In offering straightforward financial and investment planning, we strive to help you make the most of your benefits and retire with confidence.

Families of Children with Special Needs

Families like yours face a daunting challenge, essentially planning for two generations. The challenge is compounded by the fact that every family’s needs are unique, so what works for one family will not necessarily work for yours.

We have personal experience and professional expertise in meeting the financial needs of children with special needs, particularly in mental health. We understand how tempting it can be to sacrifice your own financial future to secure the well-being of your child.

When you work with us, we will combine traditional and special needs planning to help give you peace of mind that all your loved ones can and will be provided for.

We will partner with you to:

  • Preserve your child’s eligibility for SSI and other benefits
  • Consider if a special needs trust is appropriate for your child
  • Help you determine your child’s advocate for after you are gone
  • Help ensure your financial needs, including retirement, are taken care of
  • Create an estate plan leaving a legacy for all of your children and loved ones

In helping you make smart financial decisions, we strive to give you peace of mind that your child’s financial needs will be taken care of now and in the future.

As a fee-only advisor, Northstar charges each client a fee for all investment advisory services based on the dollar value of assets under management. The detailed structure of the fee arrangement is indicated in the Client Agreement, signed by the client and the investment advisor representative before any assets are transferred to Northstar’s custodian.

An additional fee may be negotiated between the client and the IAR for services beyond the scope of a standard investment agreement, such as trust or pension plan consulting.

Advice offered by Northstar usually involves investment in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Clients are advised that all fees paid to Northstar for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from the fees and expenses charged by investment companies (described in each fund’s prospectus) to their shareholders. These fees will generally include a management fee and other fund expenses. Northstar receives no direct or indirect financial benefit from the purchase or sale of any particular investment product.

Further, there are transaction charges involved with the purchase or sale of securities. Northstar does not share in any portion of the brokerage fees/transaction charges imposed by the custodian holding the client funds or securities.

If you would like more information about becoming a client, please contact us.