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I am confident with everything we have taught our longtime clients that they will ace this little quiz. Then again, I only got about half right myself. (Answers et end.)

Answer each question True or False:

1) Somewhere between a third and half of all U.S paper money has traces of cocaine.

2) Canadian counterfeiters didn’t do a great job making fake $2 coins. The portrait of the queen is twice the size of the portrait on the real coin.

3) A U.S. penny costs more than a cent to make.

4) Good luck emptying out your piggy bank to pay a bill. Under U.S. law, banks, creditors and merchants are not required to accept more than 100 pennies as payment.

5) One of the reasons $2 bills did not catch on was they were considered unlucky.

6) Alka Seltzer nearly doubled their sales after they began instructing customers to use two tablets instead of one (“Plop Plop Fizz Fizz…”)

7) NASA spent millions of dollars to develop the “astronaut pen” that could be used in zero gravity, while the Soviets solved the same problem by using pencils.

8) The name of the San Diego Wild Animal Park’s WGASA Bush Line railway was taken from a crude acronym: “Who gives a s*** anyway?”

9) The year the IRS began to require filers to provide social security numbers for dependents listed on their returns, the number of dependents claimed dropped by millions.

10) The Chevy Nova did not sell well in Mexico, central and South America because Nova translates to “doesn’t go” in Spanish.


Source: www.snopes.com


Answers: 1) True; 2) False; 3) True; 4) False; 5) True; 6) True; 7) False; 8) True; 9) True; 10) False


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