Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

Northstar Financial Planners offers personalized investment advisory services to individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and corporations. Experienced Investment Advisor Representatives provide investment advisory services on behalf of Northstar. Please click here to meet the Northstar team.

Financial planning services typically involve providing a variety of services, principally advisory in nature, to clients regarding the management of their financial resources based upon an analysis of their individual needs.

Some clients may only require advice on a single aspect of the management of their financial resources. For these clients, Northstar offers general consulting services that address only those specific areas of concern. These areas may include, but are not limited to, retirement planning, education planning, insurance planning, and advice on existing or potential investment products, asset allocation, financial decision making or negotiation.

Financial plans are based on financial information provided by the client to Northstar at the time the plan is formulated. Clients are advised that certain assumptions may be made with respect to interest and inflation rates and use of past trends and performance of the market and economy.  Past performance is in no way an indication of future performance. Northstar cannot offer any guarantees or promises that the client’s financial goals and objectives will be met. As the client’s financial situation, goals, objectives, or needs change, the client must notify Northstar promptly.

Northstar Financial Planners is a fee-only investment advisor, devoted to a structured asset class investment strategy.