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Northstar Financial Planners provides a wide variety of investment advisory services to clients on a fee-only basis. Northstar generally requires a minimum of $500,000 to open and maintain an advisory account. The firm may allow clients to household accounts to meet the stated account minimum.

Northstar does not retain custody of any client funds or securities – the services of a qualified independent custodian will be used for these asset management services. Clients are advised to transfer all assets directly to the qualified custodian (our Client Concierge can assist in that process) or to make transfer checks made payable to the custodian.

Northstar selects qualified custodians based on a number of criteria, including trading costs, quality of service and ability to deliver best execution of trades. Custodians currently used by Northstar are described here.

As a fee-only advisor, Northstar charges each client a fee for all investment advisory services based on the dollar value of assets under management. The detailed structure of the fee arrangement is indicated in the Client Agreement, signed by the client and the investment advisor representative before any assets are transferred to Northstar’s custodian.

An additional fee may be negotiated between the client and the IAR for services beyond the scope of a standard investment agreement, such as trust or pension plan consulting.

Advice offered by Northstar usually involves investment in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Clients are advised that all fees paid to Northstar for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from the fees and expenses charged by investment companies (described in each fund’s prospectus) to their shareholders. These fees will generally include a management fee and other fund expenses. Northstar receives no direct or indirect financial benefit from the purchase or sale of any particular investment product.

Further, there are transaction charges involved with the purchase or sale of securities. Northstar does not share in any portion of the brokerage fees/transaction charges imposed by the custodian holding the client funds or securities.

If you would like more information about becoming a client, please contact us.