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Going Bankrupt In 6 Easy Lessons
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The world of pop culture is predictably cyclical. Newly minted celebrities rise to fame overnight, while last week’s tabloid darling faces the lonely plunge into anonymity. But the cycle often…

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7 Ways Scam Artists Prey On The Elderly
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Despite increased public awareness, there is no shortage of opportunities for thieves and con artists to prey on the elderly, to the tune of $3 billion in reported crime a…

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9 Points of Wisdom on Capital Markets
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So capital markets have been sailing along pretty smoothly for a while now. Not a lot of volatility, just a steady upward trend.  In the investing world, that’s about as…

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4 Questions (And Answers) About Social Security
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Few financial issues are as sensitive these days as social security, particularly the threat of lost benefits to current or future retirees. Listen to various politicians and “pundits” and you…

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Your “To Don’t” List – 5 Poor Investment Choices
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A recent insightful article I read in Morningstar Advisor – yes, you read that right. Morningstar offered something insightful – got me thinking back to all of the various investment…

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5 Signs of Elderly Financial Abuse
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Financial elderly abuse is a growing problem, and will only get larger as 10,000 Americans join the ranks of retired senior citizens every day, with the elderly population growing from…

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A Simple 5 Question Quiz to Test Your Financial Skills
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How knowledgeable are you on basic finance and math questions? While a small number of Americans readily admit even the simplest of “number” questions stump them, a whopping 75% have…

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10 Terrible Money Excuses
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Human beings have an astounding facility for self-deception when it comes to our own money. We tend to rationalize our own fears. So instead of just recognizing how we feel…

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